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Our team of professional family historians, genealogists, and chartists can help you find your family history roots, decipher complex pedigree relationships, and create documentary evidence of your lineages.

Legal Clients

Our traditional genealogy, forensic genealogy and genetic genealogy services help legal professionals determine heirs, beneficiaries and general ownership of particular property, along with whom and where the distribution of that property should be directed to.

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Gen-Find is a leading internationally recognized full-service firm of professional genealogists, family researchers, manuscript developers, research consultants, and chartists. We specialize in family history research investigation, forensic genealogy, heir and probate research, locating heirs and descendants, finding estate beneficiaries, developing documentation for judicial proceedings, and more.

Our genealogical research focuses on Canada, the USA, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. With a full network of agents and family researchers, we specialize from the 17th century and onwards.

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