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Corporate Responsibilities

GEN-FIND has been an integral part of the community since we opened our doors in 1985. Our approach to corporate responsibility goes beyond responsible corporate citizenship and stems from our genuine desire to make a positive and sustainable impact on the lives of others and our communities.

Comparing Firms

At GEN-FIND, we understand that while each client’s case requirements are unique, they all share a common concern over which firm to trust with regard to tracing family ancestors and locating missing heirs & beneficiaries to next of kin and property owners. For these reasons, our goal with each client and prospective client is to more than exceed expectations at every step in the process – from the initial quote through to the final report!

Our firm and its staff pride ourselves on offering superior service and the most reliable work product at cost-effective rates with a timely service turn-around. Unlike some firms, we do not offer clients vague or unsupported claims regarding better results and the lowest fees. It is our goal to always provide meaningful information and evidence with respect to realistic considerations to ensure our clients may make informed decisions based upon the facts in their cases.

Many factors determine turn-around time and costs for each case, however, we try to mitigate those by providing an excellent service. Please refer to our Testimonials for evidence of happiness from both private and corporate clients.

In addition, our firm maintains a million-dollar insurance liability policy to ensure that your results do not contain any errors or omissions. With our track record of success, we can note that no claims have ever been made against us under this policy.

To learn more about the services we offer, please explore our website for more on our services and fees. Discover for yourself why so many clients have selected GEN-FIND Research Associates, Inc. to find their missing family members and property owners. Contact us today for your no-obligation consultation.

Pro Bono

We are immensely proud of the thousands of hours our team has devoted to pro bono publico genealogical services over the decades and are grateful to have the opportunity to contribute to the community around us and the broader national and international arenas in such a positive and rewarding way.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our firm is committed to maintaining a healthy, diverse and flexible environment in which everyone can flourish – both our staff and our clientele.

Social Commitment

GEN-FIND is committed to its corporate ethics and privacy policies and is a strong proponent of ‘green’ technologies. We have made great strides over the years to reduce our paper output to more digital environments – both in-house and externally with clients.

Community Involvement

As a community-based genealogical consulting and research firm, giving back is ingrained in our culture. We’re making a difference by giving more than money back to the community – we also invest our time, expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm. That is why we support genealogy projects, such as the Brian W. Hutchison Genealogical Scholarship and contributions to a host of local, national and international genealogical bodies, community projects, and wildlife foundations that we believe in.

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GEN-FIND is a full-service Canadian firm of professional genealogists, genealogical record searchers, chartists, and consultants that can help you solve your genealogical puzzle. Request a quote today.