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Lectures & Seminar Planning

“Mr. Hutchison displays the wealth of knowledge and research he has gathered in presenting his lecture material. If you want an in-depth well-researched presentation like we had, Brian provides it. These were not lectures for the weak or those wanting to be entertained but for those who wanted to learn something meaningful and long-lasting. Thanks for such a great job at our conference!”

Portland Conference to the National Genealogical Society (NGS Conference Organizing Committee, Portland, OR, USA)
Lectures & Seminar Planning

” Excellent material with great presentations and notes! Hutchison has incredible techniques and suggestions for making a success out of your 20th Century Research! “

Saskatchewan Genealogical Society (Weyburn, SK, Canada)
Lectures & Seminar Planning

” Amazing… what a wealth of information, sources and ideas. Clear, concise, informative. “

Alberta Family Histories Society (Calgary, AB, Canada)
Lectures & Seminar Planning

” We enjoyed your exceptionally organized and interesting talk… It was very informative and truly useful… “

Scottish Genealogy Society (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
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