Citizenship By Descent—
Are you wanting to obtain secondary citizenship from another country? Citizenship by Descent is no different than any other genealogical tracing interest. Citizenship by Descent is a means whereby an individual is eligible to claim citizenship if their parents, grandparents, or sometimes even great-grandparents hail from a given country. The person who’s applying for CBD will have to provide proof of their bloodline to the government to qualify.


GEN-FIND will work to document proof of your relationship to the ancestral subject that provides you with the relevant citizenship rights. Please note that we do not make applications to the respective country for clients but rather allow the client to make that application themselves with the proof documents that we supply them with.


Some of the countries that are most open to Jus Sanguinis applications and from which clients generally seek are the following:


  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Romania
  • Portugal
  • Luxembourg
  • Lithuania
  • Latvia
  • Israel
  • Greece
  • Germany
  • Armenia
Like any genealogical case, to initiate your case, you will need a clear understanding of the genealogical tree you are trying to trace back and whether you are willing to incur the time and costs to do so for a clear objective.


Now to be shown as an example, the Italian process is similar to the Irish citizenship process. (Not all countries handle foreign born citizenship or dual citizenship in the same way). Canada and Italy both permit dual citizenship. (The USA and Great Britain among other countries have different rules). If a child is born in Canada to a parent (or parents) of another citizenship, the child is considered a foreign-born citizen by the country of the parent’s birth – in this case Ireland or Italy. If the child claims this citizenship before they have children of their own, the citizenship may be claimed by their child, and passed to their children (grandchildren of the foreign-born citizen). If the foreign-born child does not claim citizenship until after their children are born, it cannot be passed along to their child(ren) through them. However, there is provision for a grandchild of the foreign-born parent to claim their own citizenship through the grandparent born in the foreign country (Italy or Ireland in this example). The grandchild can pass along their citizenship to their children (if it has been applied for and obtained) before their children are born. Similarly, if the grandchild applies for citizenship after their children are born, but before grandchildren are born, they can pass the citizenship on only to their grandchildren. So, you can see there are several select paths to applying for citizenship under the foreign-born rules. Proof is required to show the thread of citizenship. Long form birth certificates and marriage certificates/registrations are usually all that you need. Proof of the applicant’s birth to his/her parents, the parents’ marriage certificate, proof of birth of the foreign-born parent to his/her parents, the grandparents’ marriage certificate, proof of birth of the grandparent(s) born in the foreign country. Information is readily found under the Embassy of the respective country.


GEN-FIND would be happy to work with you privately on your custom search needs of these and other records in simplifying your project objectives. Please contact us today to further discuss those interests!