Notes on Newfoundland & Labrador and Searching Them:

For general enquiries, it is a difficult task to institute an in-depth search without knowing a place-name for your ancestor when researching the Canadian province of Newfoundland-Labrador. Most records are arranged by town, parish or district locations. In some minor circumstances we have a few limited province-wide indexes that the least will give us a distribution of the family name and most of these constitute pre-1920 information; at best, a pioneer ancestor might be located. This is always first priority, to locate the family, and these index searches are covered by the minimum retainer.

If you do know a place- name, you’ll receive some research and additional research suggestions based on information you’ve supplied. In this case, the minimum retainer covers evaluation of your information, a preliminary research plan, implementation of some basic research strategies and evaluation of those research results in the Report.