Family History Legacy Publications/Printings

Have you spent years documenting your family lineage? Are you just starting to explore how to compile your genealogy? Why not reward your efforts with professional printing and publishing? It’s a concrete way to make something abstract, like genealogical lineages, into something you can hold in your hands by way of a manuscript.

Often family historians and private clients get to the point of compiling all their genealogical material and then don’t know how to present it so others can appreciate one’s hard work that has likely taken years or decades to research & document. If you are struggling to determine how to bring your research to life, let GEN-FIND help you with a professionally created manuscript.

All Custom Printing/Publishing Comes With:

  • Professional organization, including a table of contents
  • Biographical notes in the professional standard Modified Register format
  • Endnotes/Footnotes for source notation and other documentation
  • Detailed pedigree charts
  • A surname index

Personalization Options Include:

  • Front cover development
  • Illustrations and photographs
  • Heraldry and coat-of-arms’
  • Migration charts
  • Ascendancy and descendancy charts
  • Oral history interviews (extracts)
  • Bibliography
  • Locale and marriage indexes
  • Notices and forwards suitable for formal publication
  • Hard-binding or soft-binding
  • Colour or B&W production
  • And more

Different projects will all have different costs, as this is all custom work and it is important to realize that the client will be highly involved in the development of the manuscript.