Legacy Videos

Want to tell your genealogical story but can’t afford a full-blown manuscript production? A legacy video may be the perfect fit! The personal legacy videos we have created are custom work made for you – with craftsmanship, dedication and attention to detail. The time and expertise this takes are reflected in our pricing.

Our service agents can provide you with premium recording biography production services that offer high expertise, creativity, quality and value. And know that our production team will travel anywhere you need us to go.

Prices are based on your goals (length and complexity of the video you desire), including travel to get to you. Our production team will work with you to develop a storyboard and how to best record the session(s) and their content. If your budget does not allow us to fly to you, then we may be able to find a production crew, familiar with legacy video production, that may be closer to your home or office.

Final product delivery options include high-definition video files on custom-engraved flash drives, standard-definition DVD discs, and high-definition premium Blu-ray discs.