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Lectures & Seminars FAQ
Do we need to sign a contract for lecture services?

Yes, please. This clearly sets out what everyone should expect and avoids any misunderstandings, particularly on the day of the presentations. Written into the contract will be:

  • Details on the lecture
  • Who will provide the lecture
  • When and where the lectures will be presented
  • How the speaker is to be transported and accommodated
  • What the organization needs to provide the speaker
  • What compensation package has been arranged and when it is due
  • Any other important details
Do you have a calendar which tells us what dates you have available for presenting at our conference?

Unfortunately, lectures take a back-seat to our main research, travel associated with that, and the day-to-day management of GEN-FIND. The best thing for you to do is to contact us and we can try to work an arrangement out based on when your organization would like to hold their function. Please try and give us at least seven months’ advance notice for in-person lectures and at least 3 months’ notice on Zoom lectures.

My society is looking to organize a weekend conference. We are looking at speakers and topics for presentation. How much would you charge us for a couple of lectures?

Much of our lecturing is based on sharing knowledge instead of making a profit. Mostly, we’d like to keep our firm in people’s minds as a reputable genealogical research service provider. We look only towards recouping some of our costs and a small honorarium for our speaker. The honorarium will be based on the estimated number of people attending your event. On larger venues, we will ask for a larger honorarium while small organizations with a small number of attendees will be asked for a small honorarium. For the latter, you should anticipate about $250 per lecture; for large venues anticipate an honorarium of $450 per lecture, at minimum.

We are doing a small one-day seminar and would like to have some suggestions from your firm on what you might be able to present for us on genealogy. How can we get some topic ideas?

A couple of options are available to you for deciding on the subject material. Most planners develop a theme for their seminars, like Scottish Research or Migration Patterns, or Research into Heirs and 20th Century Investigations. Then, presentations are organized around that theme. Look at our Lecture Services to see if any of those fit your seminar and if not, please contact us and we can probably develop a custom lecture for your function at a small additional cost.