If you want a full investigation of your family or a lineage, generally you would be looking at a fee arrangement known as Time and Expense, found on Professional Research Fees. You would decide on a budget, and we would work on an hourly or daily basis within that budget limit. Charges on expenses are factored in separately from the hourly or daily rate.

First, a research plan would be developed, and a set of strategies would be outlined to meet that plan. A client would approve that plan. Then, we would conduct a series of investigations based on those strategies in an attempt to meet your goals. Finally, a report is prepared for you, detailing our findings.

Your hourly or daily rate would be dependent upon the pricing schedule at the time you contact us, so you need to discuss that with us when you are ready to proceed. In addition to our fees, you would have additional costs for our disbursements outlaid on your behalf during the billing period which are marked up 20% to cover our additional time & internal costs. If you have a small investigation and a defined budget, you might want to consider our Flat or Fixed Fee option.