GEN-FIND highly appreciates a client’s casework and long-term commitment to continued service. Our firm will do whatever we can to make sure that you continue to feel ‘value’ for dollars spent with us.

At any point, we welcome improvement suggestions or questions regarding our research, reports and charges to you. Our aim is always to make the working relationship good for both of us.

Our office is aware that other competitors will at times have fee rates less than ours, though many may not have the management capability, specialist support, and success rates that we offer. These elements are just as important as the hourly rate. Case budgets and completion dates have to be respected. Remember a half-done job from a non-professional means you’re spending double to get it done again.

In addition, here are some of the important benefits that clients get with GEN-FIND:

  • Experienced professional certified/accredited staff, familiar with ALL record collections for their areas of specialization.
  • Free case assessments.
  • Broad network of employees and agents, national & internationally to satisfy client requests.
  • Prompt service on case work.
  • Flexible fee structures and reduced fees for long-time clients. Five different fee structures to choose from. Namely: time & expense, flat or fixed fees, beneficiary contingency fees, finder’s fee contingency fees, and percentage of completion fees.
  • Multiple lowering fee group rates depending upon the amount and dollars of work you bring our way.
  • Comprehensive and flexible reporting.
  • Easy and flexible payment options.
  • Extensive in-house library of research material and collections;
  • Reductions on prices to our in-house product store (GENStore) if you are an existing client.
  • Quarterly newsletters to clients of announcements on research specials and new resources coming available on a secure site for data exchange (upload and download of files), with more resources and reference material added each month.
  • Clients have exclusive access to our Data Xchange Portal for uploading documents and downloading reports and exhibits. The portal also houses a database of research articles, “how-to” information, genealogical codes of conduct, genealogical terminology, and information on publishing your own genealogy.