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Fees for Legacy Charting, Publishing
/Printings, and Legacy Videos

Have you spent years documenting your family lineages? Maybe you’re just starting to explore your ancestry. Why not reward your efforts with professional printing and publishing? It’s a concrete way to make something abstract, like genealogical lineages, into something you can hold in your hands and better appreciate by way of a chart, tree manuscript or legacy video.

General Guidelines for Costing of Lineage Charts & Trees, Manuscripts, and Legacy Videos

Please refer to Charting & Publishing Services in this website for more details on what GEN-FIND can do for her clients, with regards to creating charts, manuscripts and videos. These encompass four types of services, all of which can be customized for each client:

  • Printed Charts
  • Printed Genealogical Trees
  • Family History Legacy Publications/Printings
  • Legacy Videos

If you are already a client of ours we will have a database on file for you which will include your ancestral and descendant lineages, so there will be no need to input this data again. The only expenses that you will incur for charts, trees and publications or other lineage printings are:

  • The cost of chart & trees themselves, which generally range from
    $15 to approximately $250 per unit;
  • Any time cost (at your assigned work rate) associated to the repair
    of data connections to ensure that the printings look appropriate;
  • Depending upon whether it is a working chart or a colour display
    chart, the cost of the customization to the charts, trees, and other
    publications for printing (this may get significant if the charts, tree
    or manuscripts are large); and
  • The cost of the delivery (courier or postal charges, digitization fees,
    etc.) and handling to get the final product to you.

If you are not an existing client of ours and therefore do not have a database on file with us, or you need to update your database, additional charges to that noted above will be:

  • The cost associated with creating or updating a database into our network for us to access and create charts, trees and manuscripts from. The cost of this, which will include identified source reference information, is currently $1.50 per individual record.

With regards to custom legacy videos, you should anticipate many hundreds of hours of work to create these, not including travel & hotel expenses to get to your location, and so the costs of these will vary depending upon the expectations of the client, however, one should anticipate fees well in advance of $6500 to produce an average video production.

All charting and word-processing require advance payment in full, or $750 as an advance retainer, whichever is less, with the balance due prior to shipping. In the case of legacy videos, there will be a request for 50% payment in advance. Your products will not ship if you have any outstanding fees. Different projects will all have different costs, as this is all custom work.

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