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Are you hosting a seminar? Want a professional genealogy presentation? Consider booking a professional genealogist through GEN-FIND.

Your lecture fees will depend on many factors. Contact our office for a detailed explanation of what a professional genealogist at your event will cost.

Please remember to book your time with us well in-advance of the intended event, preferably at least seven (7) months in advance regardless of whether your plan is for a canned or custom lecture, including online digital lectures, as our forensic work takes precedence and our work schedules are always extremely busy. Before any arrangements are finalized, a contract must be created and mutually signed. Templates are available upon request.

Sample Expenses for a Professional Genealogist Lecturer

Here are a few of the elements that will affect the cost of your lecturer.

  • If your lecture is not on our list of canned lectures, you will have
    lecture creation expenses for custom talks;
  • Land and air transportation, including travel to and from airports
    in both cities;
  • Meals and hotel accommodations, from departure until arrival
    back at the lecturer’s home base. Daily stipends on meal
    allowances can be arranged in the contract;
  • Presentation expenses like hand-outs, and transparencies & digital
    slides if we are dealing with a custom lecture;
  • Any relevant state & federal taxes that the lecturer will incur to
    participate in your event;
  • Certain out-of-pocket expenses (listed in the contract);
  • Your professional lecturer’s honorarium, which depends on the
    size of the event.

As a lecturer, they will work with you in fulfilling the contract that meets expectations for both parties, as well as helping to make your event a success.

Billing and Payment

Billings for lecture events will be sent in an invoice to event organizers approximately forty-five (45) days before the start. Be aware that:

  • Our lecturers do not home house during the event of the seminar;
  • It is up to the event organizer to conduct and incur any advertising
    expenses on their event and its lecturers as their cost;
  • Events and lecturers can be canceled however please work within
    the constraints of the signed contract in doing so without cost to
    both parties.
  • Because of past behavior from some event organizers, we now
    insist that all fees, expenses and honorariums (other than out-of-
    pocket expenses) are paid 10 days before our lecturer leaves their
    home base, otherwise they have defaulted on the contract and the
    lecturer & GEN-FIND will not be held responsible for any lost costs
    experienced by the event or its organizers.
  • Out-of-pocket expenses incurred for such major charges as travel and hotel costs are due payable by the organizer at the time they are booked and later invoiced by GEN-FIND. All other remaining sundry charges and fees, arising in the last days before the event, are payable on the day of the lecturer’s initial lecture.
  • Lastly, remember that our lecturer is there, firstly, to convey many years of genealogical experience to their audience and, then to be entertaining second. We want you and your attendees to know that the lecturer is there to make your event as pleasant and informative as possible, however they are not full-time polished & professional lecturers who charge thousands of dollars. So, it is imperative that you choose a topic and level of genealogical knowledge that is right for your organization and your intended audience – only you know. The lecturer will convey as much knowledge as they can to your audience with a bit of entertainment on the side, so as to make the lectures informative and yet exciting & enjoyable.

Explore our Lectures & Seminars page to find the right one for your event.

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