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Our Reporting To You

Reporting to clients is as important as conducting genealogical research and so we take our report presentation and the contents of those reports very seriously for clients.

Each report, regardless whether it is a Summary Report or Detail Report, includes:

  1. A summation of the –
    • Client Identified Known Facts at the onset of the investigation.
    • A summation of the Client Stated Objectives.
    • A brief Summary of Our Findings including source referencing.
  • A footnoted list of the comprehensive array of Documents
    used for information contained within the report, which you
    may download at your convenience from our GEN Xchange
    Portal. Generally, all documents are hosted online if a Detail
    Report has been compiled.
  • Concluding Comments and Recommendations for
    any Future Work.
  1. A client may choose at the onset of the assignment whether they wish a Summary Report or a Detail Report. By default, unless specified by the client, Summary Reports are issued because it saves clients much time & expense. Detail Reports can take substantially longer to produce. Please see the chart below for some of the major differences between the two report types.
Summary Report Detail Report
Summary of research findings to-date. Latest results will be highlighted.
Source details for all records examined. Specific footnotes will indicate positive or negative results, per-source.
Suggestions for further research.
Appendix of exhibits, showing copies of relevant evidentiary documentation.
Summary budget log including, among other things:

  • research hours spent
  • expenses incurred
  • sources searched
  • repositories investigated
Detailed invoice listings. Includes:

  • current fees
  • accumulated expenses
  • period research and reporting hours
  • current invoice balance
  1. By default, reports are sent once $1,500 has been accrued in charges, if the budget allows for it . You may set this stop-limit to any amount by sending us advance requests in writing.
  2. Unless you request our Priority Service, initial reports will usually be issued 2 to 4 months after the receipt of your retainer and the initiation of your case work. After that, reports are generally issued about every 3 months. There is an additional fee ($150) and higher hourly rate for Priority Service if it is not a forensic case.
  3. All forensic work receives Priority Service automatically. Depending on the assignment complexity, reports may be issued anytime between one week to 3 or 4 months.
  1. There are a number of options as to how you can receive our reports & documents – (1) email attachment, (2) downloaded thru our GEN Xchange Portal, (3) postal mailing, (4) courier, (5) Xchange Portal and mail, or via (6) email and postal mail. Normally, we will use the Xchange Portal by default, particularly if you are wanting copies of documents and this is done simply because of the sheer size of many of these files to be conveyed to clients. Of course each of these bears a different cost to the client. Please contact us if you have questions about any added costs in this regard.
  2. Any requests for additional charting and/or word-processing, not included within the report, will be charged out separately and be undertaken immediately upon receipt. These items will be shipped separately. Please refer to Charting & Publishing Fees for more details.
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