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Genealogical Coursework: Brigham Young University
Coursework, Vendors, & Publicatons

The university offers family history webinars, classes and instructional videos on conducting one’s own genealogical research.

Genealogical Coursework: Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland)
Coursework, Vendors, & Publicatons

The college offers a course in Irish family and social history taught over two years. The course focuses on imparting a sound knowledge of main sources, competency in key research methodologies, and an understanding of the theoretical framework of genealogical and family history studies.

Genealogical Coursework: University of Dundee (Dundee, Scotland)
Coursework, Vendors, & Publicatons

Through its centre for Archive and Information Studies, the university offers individual classes for credit covering research skills and sources, heraldry, and paleography and diplomatic in England and Scotland.

Genealogical Coursework: University of Limerick (Limerick, Ireland)
Coursework, Vendors, & Publicatons

The university offers a master’s degree in family history and a certificate program in family history and genealogical methods within a concentration in Irish Studies.

Genealogical Coursework: University of Strathclyde (Glasgow, Scotland)
Coursework, Vendors, & Publicatons

The university offers a master’s degree in genealogical paleo9graphic, and heraldic studies in full-time, part-time, and modular versions It includes thorough grounding in the theory and practice of genealogical research, records, archives and heraldry with a focus on the British Isles. Study is fully online and largely asynchronous. A PhD in history with genealogical studies is also offered as a three-year research degree.

Genealogical Coursework: University of Tasmania (Tasmania, Australia)
Coursework, Vendors, & Publicatons

The university offers an undergraduate certificate and a diploma in family history.

Genealogical Publications: Family Tree Magazine
Coursework, Vendors, & Publicatons

Family Tree Magazine is a publication about genealogy and family history published by Yankee Publishing, Inc. in Blue Ash, Ohio and Dublin, New Hampshire. It has a paid circulation of about 70,000. Here is an excellent article discussing the prime websites for building your family tree, websites for DNA testing, websites for learning more about genealogy and genealogical research, some select websites for exploring regional and ethnic resources, and some websites for beginner-friendly records.

Genealogical Publications: History Magazine
Coursework, Vendors, & Publicatons

Moorshead Magazines Ltd. produces History Magazine which provides interesting and thought-provoking accounts of key events in global history. Published four times a year, History Magazine is like taking a trip back in time.

Genealogical Publications: Internet Genealogy
Coursework, Vendors, & Publicatons

Moorshead Magazines Ltd. produces Internet Genealogy, a magazine that focuses on keeping today’s family historian up-to-date with the vast and ever-growing collection of genealogy- related resources, software, tools, products, technologies and more. With each new issue you will find website reviews, social networking strategies, as well as tips, and stories from a wide variety of seasoned professional authors who share the benefit of their many years experience of doing traditional and online genealogy research.


Genealogical Publications: Parr’s Publishing – “Family History News”
Coursework, Vendors, & Publicatons

The publisher of an excellent genealogy newsletter strictly for research within Canada. The publication ran from 1995-2000, but still holds relevant articles to this day which may be purchased from the publisher. Be sure to read How To Begin Your Search in Canada.

Genealogical Vendors: Global Genealogy History Shoppe
Coursework, Vendors, & Publicatons

A Canadian publisher of reference books that focus on settlement history; genealogical how-to and vital records of individuals and families; church records of baptism, marriage and burial; indexes and extracts from archived newspapers that focus on records of genealogical interest. Most books are available in printed or digital formats.

International Institute for Genealogical Studies
Coursework, Vendors, & Publicatons

Genealogical research is a satisfying pastime for the family historian and a rewarding occupation for the professional genealogist. To support the needs of both amateur family historians and aspiring professional genealogists for reliable and comprehensive education they have designed a series of courses (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Electives) leading to various Certificates in Genealogical Studies with specialization in various countries. They also have the associated books for sale.