Luncheon-Dinner Addresses
  • Digging-Up the Past: Serious Study or Unearthing Grandma’s Skeletons?

    This luncheon or dinner addresses the subject matter of genealogy as serious study or are we just digging up the dirt and skeletons of ancestral past left buried. It is a commentary on the hobby, and for some the professional, of genealogical investigations in our current climate and social culminations of propriety and privacy.

  • Dear Editor: Excerpts from the Genealogical Mailbag

    Addresses the many inquiries by interested genealogical clientele with questions that run the gamut of interesting, to entertaining, to bizarre, to downright scary! They show the framework of genealogical study from every angle of researcher possible and our entertaining, if nothing else, take-away of comments and questions by researchers of all kinds.

  • Gee, Isn’t This Going Well: More Finds & I’ll be Back to Noah!

    There isn’t a day goes by that our staff don’t get some interesting comments about how well a prospective client’s research has gone. The address is a light-hearted look at those persons in ‘serious study’ that actually believe that they have gotten their family history’s back to Noah -yes the Noah of the famous Ark and Genesis in the Bible – or incredibly further! Remember at this point you’re only ten generations back from The Adam & Eve! What can one say so just smile, nod and commend them for having such a grand day!

  • Tales from the Travelling Genealogist – Ah, Salt Lake, It Must Be Thursday!

    A light-hearted commentary on the traveling genealogist – whom we all know! Someone, (maybe you) who hit the road all in the hopes of finding those big scores in the archives with our family history! As a traveling professional genealogist it is worse, for many of us hit the same clients and archives on much the same day of the week! Gone are the days when you thought that you could rely on armchair genealogy to get your break-through to Moses!

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