Research Methodologies
  • Genealogical Research Reports: Tips, Techniques & Standards for Documentation

    As a professional genealogist preparing thousands of reports, learn some important tips, techniques and standards for formal documenting your genealogical findings in order to make them clear & accurate, whether it be for a paid client or just for yourself.

  • Twenty-Five Tips in Sixty Minutes

    In a sixty minute lecture, learn twenty-five important tips for staying focused and on-course with your genealogical research.

  • Strategies for Aggressive Genealogical Research & Staying Focused

    Learn a host of strategies for conducting aggressive genealogical research and keeping the project well-focused with sustained results.

  • The Ancestral Trail: Genealogical Problem-Solving Through Case Analysis

    The lecture, thru case analysis, looks at a series of genealogical problem solving analyses to keep one on the ancestral trail.

  • Grandma’s Gone Hi-Tech: Following Her Paper Trail via Electronic Sources

    Today, Grandma and Grandpa are as adapt at using electronic online sources as the young people. The lecture emphasizes the online sources available to everyone, including Grandma, to help may their genealogical paper trails and ancestral hunt truly effective and efficient.

  • 20th Century Research – Effective Research Strategies for the Advanced Genealogist: The Forensic Case Study on the Estate of ‘Cyril Frank Keel’

    Lecture analyses a forensic case that we conducted early on in our corporate history that undertook step-by-step effective research strategies to its positive resolution for the client – strategies that any one can employ!

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