Source Topics
  • Newspaper Research for the Genealogist: Beyond the Usual

    Newspapers can be a wealth of information to a researcher, aside from the usual birth , marriage and death/obituary notices. Learn some important aspects to newspaper collections, what they tell you, what they won’t tell you, and how to use them effectively in your genealogical investigations.

  • So Uncle Joe was Buried at Sam Hill: Uncovering the Clues Hidden in the Cemetery

    Cemeteries hold some exciting clues to understanding your ancestor, their community and the times that they lived in. Learn to uncover some of the often hidden or obscure clues in a cemetery that can provide you with a good understanding of your ancestor and others that lived in his or her community.

  • The Elusive Ancestor: Using Unused Sources to Locate Your Relative

    Take your ancestor from being elusive to being well-known and understood by using many unused or under-used record sources to locate your relatives and other blood connections.

  • Using Professionals to Help Bridge the Ancestral Gap

    One thing that genealogists need are peers that they can rely on. Professional researchers often know sources and strategies for effective investigations that you may not yet be familiar with. That includes professionals that can help you with your genealogical problem resolutions. Learn of elements to consider discussing with your hired professional genealogist & others to try and bridge those ancestral gaps.

  • What a Wealth of Information in That Old Will!!

    Last Wills and Testaments can be wealth of information for a family historian. The can learn a host of exciting bits of information of Wills that can help you pull together more on a person’s ancestry and descending generations. Learn some often elusive clues found in these document collections often overlooked.

  • A General Overview of Graveyards and Their Full Potential as Sources for Genealogists

    Learn from an expert professional, the full potential of graveyards and gravestones, including the record collections that come with them, in understanding your ancestors, the community, and the times that they lived in. Graveyards clues can provide one with an excellent source in multiple generational reconstructions of families.

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