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If you have been contacted by our firm it is because ( 1 ) you may have been determined to be a beneficiary to an estate or some form of property, or ( 2 ) we have been asked to locate you by a firm of lawyers for a similar purpose, or ( 3 ) you may know of someone whom we are seeking to locate that would benefit.

Our extensive and detailed research into a case will have been undertaken long before we reach out to you. Often, beneficiaries and heirs are known in many of our cases, and these can be found documented in things like Wills, banking records, land registries, insurance policies, and other property cases. In some circumstances, however, the beneficiaries and heirs are not precisely known at the start of a case, particularly if the original owner of that property has died and successive generations have come and gone. In many cases, the beneficiary or heir may not even know the person who may have died and originally owned the property.

Either way, we are often asked by clients to seek the whereabouts of these various parties. Do know that GEN-FIND does not trace debtors! Our searches aim to identify beneficiaries, heirs, and property owners for the express purpose of connecting them with our legal clients for positive outcomes for both parties. Be aware that we will never ask for any monies from beneficiaries, heirs, and property owners. We may ask you to confirm that you are the person we are seeking or information (if you know) as to the whereabouts of a person(s) that we are searching for and how to contact them. We will also never ask for copies of personal ID documents.

Our goal is to find the search subjects, confirm their identities, and put our clients in contact with the confirmed individuals. Our compensation is often of two types: (1) time & expense, or on contingency, in both cases being paid by our client; or (2) on contingency out of the estate net income.

There are numerous scammers out there in the industry, however, GEN-FIND takes pride in the depth of the research that we undertake into cases, and the clear & transparent nature of our work, which we will happily explain to anyone that we have contacted in these matters.

Therefore, please do not hesitate to reach out to us in responding to our telephone calls and written correspondence as we are here to ultimately help you or someone you know.

It is imperative that you respond quickly to our enquiries in these matters. Time is always of the essence as it benefits the research to ensure that we are not following the wrong genealogical trails, and you as it allows us to relay to our client’s contact information, which will speed up the resolution of monetary property distributions to beneficiaries, heirs, and property owners.

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