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GEN-FIND offers a host of standard or traditional genealogical services to our private and public clients. Whether you are a family historian or a corporate client, our firm can provide you with an array of services that will help meet your needs. Our team can assist with everything from family historian reviews and full-scale family historian research to charting & manuscript development and creating the ultimate in legacy videos.

Please consult Research Areas Served to determine specifically what global regions our research work covers.

Collaboration and Cooperation
GEN-FIND has always also encouraged working together with other heir firms for improved results. Many of our strong relationships have grown out of a collaborative effort. We operate with other firms either on a ‘split-fee contingency’ basis or on a ‘time and expense’ arrangement. Inquiries in this regard are always welcome!

Kinship Research Services
(Ancestral & Descendancy)

Are you struggling with researching your ancestor family tree? Don’t know the strategies, resources and repositories to improve your findings? Are you spending a lot of time and energy spinning your wheels with your genealogy research? Are you unsure that you are even tracing the right lineages?

GEN-FIND wants to make you more successful in reconstructing your family ancestry and descendancy. We can help you overcome those brick walls in your research and make your ancestor family tree come alive with results that tell you more about your search family’s ancestors! GEN-FIND will take your known & speculative information, along with any documents that you have, and reconstruct your family ancestry and any resulting descendancies, as per your objectives.

Our Family History Services Provide:
  • Traditional Genealogical Research in Many Countries
  • Canadian Adoption Research
  • Aboriginal/Métis Research
  • Acadian Research
  • French-Canadian Research
  • Locating Lost or Missing Relatives

Please examine the Research Areas Served to determine global regions that we work in. We cover many countries around the world, with the aid of our network of global agents, though normally our family researchers and genealogists provide services with a focus on Canada, USA, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Family Tree Review Services

GEN-FIND can review and interpret your genealogical findings as to the quality of that evidence and sources used to prove your lineage conclusions. Have you searched and collected enough documentary material to provide you with evidence according to the Standards for the Board of Certification of Genealogists. Have you used any secondary sources to help come to conclusions on the pedigree? Our Family Tree Review Services will go that extra mile to confirm the pedigree that you are presenting truly is as accurate as you have determined it to be.

Our Family Tree Review Services:

Often clients struggle with finding enough primary and secondary information during their research, along with the interpretation of those findings, in order to make educated determinations of evidence to support the pedigree claims. All of us want to have an accurate family tree pedigree at the end of a very long (and sometimes expensive) research phase, however, for less advanced family historians this can be difficult without the long-time experience required of understanding what genealogical records exist and how to interpret their information. Don’t be afraid of hiring a professional genealogist to help you.

GEN-FIND has examined hundreds of ancestor family trees in reviewing the accuracy of what is being presented by clients. So, let us help you with this service to rule out some of the following common problems with genealogies:

  • The possibility of missing kin
  • Inaccuracies or omissions on the Family Tree
  • Insufficient primary and secondary source information by which to prove lineages
  • Unrightful inheritance with estate administration and intestacy inheritance
  • Illegitimate and unaccounted for births, marriages, and deaths
  • Inaccurate family or representative testimonies.

Know that this is only a review service which we will provide you with recommendations for your own further research to enhance or correct your family genealogy. If you wish for us to conduct additional research for you, these time and expense fees will be in addition to the review services and need to be contracted separately with us.

Document Retrieval

It is often difficult from afar to obtain copies of genealogically relevant documents, even within Canada, as most records have not been digitized in this country as well as in many others. Where possible, GEN-FIND can help you efficiently obtain the necessary documentation to support family tree reconstructions, intestacies, trust matters, and other property distribution matters. Documents necessary to verify or negate information provided by family, beneficiaries, and others as evidence in meeting case objectives.

Our corporate genealogical library is one of the most significant in Western Canada. Our library contains many millions of text and digitized references, dating from the 17th century to the present day. Our repository along with many other repositories can be accessed by our team of professional record searchers and genealogists nationally and by our numerous agents globally to help meet your objectives.

Our research specialties involve Canada, USA, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, however, please refer to Research Areas Served to identify more about the countries that we work in.

GEN-FIND Can Help You Obtain:
  • Certificates of Birth, Baptism, Marriage, and Death
  • Records of Burial and Gravestone Photographs
  • Funeral Home Records
  • Newspaper Obituary Notices
  • Divorce Decree Absolute
  • Land Patents and Grants
  • Wills & Probate
  • Court Documents
  • Proof of Heirship
  • Documentation in Citizenship Matters
  • Translations, Transcripts, along with copies of Manuscripts, & many other Historical Documents
  • And much more
Finding Known and Unknown

Are you attempting to reconstruct your ancestor family tree for yourself or another family? Are you trying to ascertain the whereabouts of a known family member who has gone missing for the purpose of property distribution? Is the person you are seeking known to exist from a family but their identity and current whereabouts are not yet known? Was there illegitimacy in the family and this person and the locations of them and their descendants long since been forgotten?

GEN-FIND will help you establish just who and where these individuals and family members are. With us, you will have our skillful experienced research, access to a myriad of genealogical databases and resources, and eagerness to leave ‘no stone unturned,’ along with our global reach. We can save clients a significant amount of time, effort and expense with our kin search service by our acclaimed team of professional genealogists. Let us help you make your investigation successful!

Please refer to Research Areas Served to learn more about the countries we work in.


Determining & Searching for Missing Property Owners

Do you need help identifying and locating missing heirs and owners for an estate, trust, bank or insurance matter? Do you have ownership in property whereby the owner’s whereabouts are no longer known, or they have died, and you are seeking the heirs? Maybe you have oil & gas resource property rights where an owner’s whereabouts and heirs are missing. GEN-FIND can help you trace the missing owners and assist in getting properties back in use, ownership re-registered, or distributions of funds made on the property to the correct beneficiaries.

GEN-FIND specializes in complex genealogy problems that can trace and locate absent, missing, & deceased property owners and help you bring property ownership back to those who deserve them.

Our Highly-qualified Forensic Genealogists Can Assist You With:
  • Locating missing persons from your family tree
  • Probate, estate or legal ownership matters
  • Tracing missing, unaware, unclaimed property owners, beneficiaries, and heirs
  • Determining property ownership where the listed owner is now deceased
  • Ongoing ownership disputes
  • Illegal occupations of properties where the owner or his whereabouts are unknown
  • Locating missing property owners who do not repair or renovate vandalized and damaged properties.

Please consult Research Areas Served to determine specifically what global regions our research work covers.

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GEN-FIND offers genealogical knowledge, experience, and a worldwide resource network that achieves high-quality results. Contact our team of qualified genealogists for a free consultation. If you find a better-written price for the same quoted service, we will beat that price by 10%.