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Genealogical How-To Guides Genealogical Books
Genealogical How-To Guides
300 Questions to Ask Your Parents Before It’s Too Late
Ask the perfect questions and receive answers full of wisdom with this easy-to-use guide. Learn from your parents the time honored traditions and habits that have made them who they are today, including their views on spirituality, what they learned in their youth, how they feel about parenting, and much more! With over 300 questions, this guide is a sure way to help you know your parents better.
Genealogical How-To Guides
The Researcher’s Guide to American Genealogy – 4th Edition
In every field of study, there is one book that rises above the rest in stature and authority and becomes the standard work in the field. In genealogy that book is Val Greenwood's "Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy." Arguably the best book ever written on American genealogy, it instructs the researcher in the timeless principles of genealogical research, while identifying the most current classes of records and research tools. This edition of this celebrated book provides a clear, comprehensive, and up-to-date account of American genealogy--no sound genealogical project is complete without it.
Genealogical How-To Guides
Unpuzzling Your Past: The Best-Selling Guide to Genealogy – 4th Edition Revised
In her acclaimed guide to family history research, Emily Croom provides all the tools you need to begin your family research. From a step-by-step discussion of the records used in genealogical research to the investigation of family legends, this book shines a light on all facets of family history research.
Genealogical How-To Guides
You Do You Think You Are?: The Essential Guide to Tracing Your Family History
Featuring step-by-step instructions from Megan Smolenyak, one of America's top genealogical researchers, this book offers everything readers need to know to start the journey into their past, from digging through old photos, to finding the best online resources.  A great resource for beginners!