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German-English Genealogical Dictionary
Compiled for the family researcher who needs to translate German-language documents, this specialized dictionary provides thousands of German terms associated with genealogy and defines them simply. In conjunction with a standard German-English dictionary, this work should enable the user to translate German documents. Entries cover family relationships, days of the week, numbers, map and legal terms, place names, historical territories, geographical terms, occupations, titles, names, heraldry, abbreviations, and many other topics. Common genealogical words from Danish, Dutch, French, Latin, and Polish are given as well. Also included are the German alphabet, with script variations, suffix lists, old historical German words and variants, and genealogical symbols used in Germany.
Thode, Ernest
Year Published:
Publishing Company:
Genealogical Publishing Company (Baltimore MD)
Paperback, 324 pages
Dimensions (LxWxD – cm):
27.94 x 20.96 x 1.73