Determining & Searching for Missing Banking Ownership

How many of us have heard of situations where bank accounts have been left unclaimed – often due to the death of the account holder? In many of these cases, family members are completely unaware that the account exists.

The sad component to this story is that most financial institutions, today, make no effort to find who the beneficiaries & heirs are, nor make any effort to trace their whereabouts. The reality is that these unclaimed funds sit dormant for years and eventually become part of government coffers. There are lists of unclaimed bank accounts, now held by the government, but they too have no real interest in locating the rightful beneficiaries or heirs, and nor are they willing to provide background information on these funds of the depositor to help others determine if the funds may be that from your own family member. It is all a rather sad state of the affairs with regard to unclaimed bank accounts!

However, if a legal client contacts GEN-FIND about a case that they have where they suspect bank deposits may be unaccounted for a client, we will endeavour to determine if such funds can be located.

GEN-FIND is here to try and help legal counsel bring closure to some of those cases where unclaimed funds are thought to be held by banks or other financial institutions. In some cases, our client will be the financial institution holding the funds themselves. In other cases, they may be the family member that has documented evidence to support their claim.