Determining & Searching for Missing Insurance Property Ownership

Many insurance companies struggle to determine who should be paid out on policies when the policy owner has passed away. They struggle to know where to look for beneficiaries and heirs of those policies as often they don’t have a clue about the policyholder’s family & friends and their whereabouts. In some cases, the beneficiary may be someone that is only a friend to the late policyholder, and they too may have died in the intervening years. Who should benefit from this insurance?

Your goal, as an insurance company, is to determine and find the beneficiaries & heirs as quickly and efficiently as possible, with minimal expense. Heirs might be easier to trace, though this too has its complications, however, it may be much more of a convoluted and difficult task to locate a beneficiary who is only a friend of the policyholder!

Let our firm try to help you with your investigation. GEN-find has over 40 years of successful research into cases just like these.