Adoption Child & Parent Research Services

Children get adopted and more often than not into loving families, though there is a longing by these children for much of their lives, including sometimes their biological parents as well, to determine where the other now is.  To meet their mothers and fathers. To understand better their biological past with aunts, uncles and cousins. If you are struggling in these ways with an adoption, consider consulting with us on how we might be able to help you answer many of your adoption questions.

It is important to realize that not every search for an adopted child by a biological parent, or vice versa, is possible with a client’s known information. Further, sometimes these reunifications do not work out as either party had hoped even if they are found. It is imperative that every client understand these possibilities and problems with their investigations before going down this research path. Therefore, you must be prepared to accept these consequences. GEN-FIND will not match parent and child if we knowingly believe that one party is not open to speaking with the other.

To initiate a case you will have to provide us with as much information on your biological parents, or biological child, as possible. You must have your court adoption papers already in hand before we could proceed with an investigation.