Missing Person Search Services

Are you struggling with a desire to locate a family member or friend from your past? Possibly someone has died in your family, and you need to find that elusive sibling that disappeared from your life years ago to inform them of the situation?

If your goal is to reconnect with these individuals, let GEN-FIND help you do what we do best – locate people. It is important to say that your interest in finding this someone needs to be clearly documented. If we feel that your intentions are less than honourable, we will not accept the case. Further, GEN-FIND will not identify the whereabouts of someone if we knowingly believe that one party is not open to communicating with the other, nor do we conduct any work concerning past marital/divorce matters.

To initiate a case, please compile as much information that you have on the individual, along with extensive background on why you want to connect with this party and your past history with them.