Finding Known and Unknown

Are you attempting to reconstruct your ancestor family tree for yourself or another family? Are you trying to ascertain the whereabouts of a known family member who has gone missing for the purpose of property distribution? Is the person you are seeking known to exist from a family but their identity and current whereabouts are not yet known? Was there illegitimacy in the family and this person and the locations of them and their descendants long since been forgotten?

GEN-FIND will help you establish just who and where these individuals and family members are. With us, you will have our skillful experienced research, access to a myriad of genealogical databases and resources, and eagerness to leave ‘no stone unturned,’ along with our global reach. We can save clients a significant amount of time, effort and expense with our kin search service by our acclaimed team of professional genealogists. Let us help you make your investigation successful!

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