Determining & Searching for Missing Property Owners

Do you need help identifying and locating missing heirs and owners for an estate, trust, bank or insurance matter? Do you have ownership in property whereby the owner’s whereabouts are no longer known, or they have died, and you are seeking the heirs? Maybe you have oil & gas resource property rights where an owner’s whereabouts and heirs are missing. GEN-FIND can help you trace the missing owners and assist in getting properties back in use, ownership re-registered, or distributions of funds made on the property to the correct beneficiaries.

GEN-FIND specializes in complex genealogy problems that can trace and locate absent, missing, & deceased property owners and help you bring property ownership back to those who deserve them.

Our Highly-qualified Forensic Genealogists Can Assist You With:
  • Locating missing persons from your family tree
  • Probate, estate or legal ownership matters
  • Tracing missing, unaware, unclaimed property owners, beneficiaries, and heirs
  • Determining property ownership where the listed owner is now deceased
  • Ongoing ownership disputes
  • Illegal occupations of properties where the owner or his whereabouts are unknown
  • Locating missing property owners who do not repair or renovate vandalized and damaged properties.

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