Kinship Research Services
(Ancestral & Descendancy)

Are you struggling with researching your ancestor family tree? Don’t know the strategies, resources and repositories to improve your findings? Are you spending a lot of time and energy spinning your wheels with your genealogy research? Are you unsure that you are even tracing the right lineages?

GEN-FIND wants to make you more successful in reconstructing your family ancestry and descendancy. We can help you overcome those brick walls in your research and make your ancestor family tree come alive with results that tell you more about your search family’s ancestors! GEN-FIND will take your known & speculative information, along with any documents that you have, and reconstruct your family ancestry and any resulting descendancies, as per your objectives.

Our Family History Services Provide:
  • Traditional Genealogical Research in Many Countries
  • Canadian Adoption Research
  • Aboriginal/Métis Research
  • Acadian Research
  • French-Canadian Research
  • Locating Lost or Missing Relatives

Please examine the Research Areas Served to determine global regions that we work in. We cover many countries around the world, with the aid of our network of global agents, though normally our family researchers and genealogists provide services with a focus on Canada, USA, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.