Document Retrieval

If you are struggling to locate the genealogical documents that you require to prove your case in court, GEN-FIND can help you! If you can’t find any direct and indirect primary evidence to prove relationships, maybe you should be looking for a comprehensive compilation of direct and indirect secondary evidence to help with the proof claim? Our firm can help you with your documentary requirements for your case.

Here our firm can assist you find the following general types of record collections which may be publicly available:

  • Records from Personal or Home Sources
  • Civil Vital Records ((i.e., birth/marriage/death/divorce/adoption records)
  • Court Records
  • School Records
  • Church Records
  • Cemetery & Sextant Records
  • Mortuary Records of Burial and Cremation
  • Records from Newspaper Collections (e.g., obituary or death notices, funeral notices, business notices, etc.)
  • Records from Federal and Provincial/Territorial/State Censuses
  • Directory Entries (e.g., phone records, city/county directories, business directories & almanacs, trade directories, etc.)
  • Library Source Records (e.g., genealogies, historical articles, county & local histories, etc.)
  • Land Registration and Ownership Records
  • Immigration and Naturalization Collections
  • Military Records
  • Employment Records
  • Various Provincial/Territorial/State-Wide Records
  • Record from Government Institutions
  • Records from Various Computer Databases
  • Records from Special Collections & Indexes (e.g., personal family papers, surname files, biographies, oral history projects, etc.)

Regardless of whether you are searching for one record or multiple records that may hold primary and/or secondary evidence that you require, GEN-FIND is here to assist you with your needs to help you meet your case objectives!