Missing Beneficiaries

Is your firm struggling to resolve your estate or property case because some individuals, who would benefit, are either missing or undetermined as to whom they are? Perhaps they are known beneficiaries or known heirs to the estate but you simply don’t know how to reach out to them?

Establishing rights to legacies and inheritances takes a thorough knowledge of the resources and how to interpret those documents, where to find repositories that hold those documents, and finally high-quality documentation. It takes evidence that will stand up in court. And in the end, it will take reliable evidence to establish proof, along with expert testimony at times, to make your case meet a satisfactory conclusion. You’ll find all that with GEN-FIND.

Fully-Documented Genealogy, Written in Plain English
  • Will you have to deal with missing heirs and unknown beneficiaries in the future? Locate all your heirs and beneficiaries today with GEN-FIND. We will search for heirs and beneficiaries whether or not a will exists, and no matter what the entitlement due.
  • Keep loose ends tied up by involving everyone necessary in estate administration. Common-law spouses and other claimants can help with the administration of an estate. GEN-FIND can find them, so you can keep them in the loop.
  • Be sure to gather all relevant documents at your disposal with GEN-FIND’s expertise. Have all relevant documents like civil vital records, church records, divorce records, and other probate and will documents on hand when you need them the most. Document extraction can be as simple as a phone call to our firm.
Why Choose GEN-FIND?
  • Consider that GEN-FIND has a success rate of 95-97% over 40+ years and thousands of cases. It doesn’t get much more thorough than that. With matters like estates, probate, and family lineages, thoroughness and reliability should always come first. We have one of the best reputations in the industry for well-documented evidence. Refer to some sample reports: News, Knowledge & Resources.
  • Priority service. GEN-FIND places probate and estate-related cases at the front of the line. You could have your first report in as early as one week.
  • Preliminary evaluations are free and if you find a better written price for the same quoted service, we will beat that price by 10%.