Research Assessments

As a possible client, you have a legal case that requires resolution concerning a property. Likely you and your team are struggling to find some of these individuals to ensure that all of the appropriate persons are found to distribute this property to.

You want due diligence and expert investigations that use the ‘Preponderance of Evidence’ or ‘Genealogical Proof Standard’, along with a case that is conducted in a timely & cost-effective manner to your own clients. At GEN-FIND, we have spent over 40 years helping legal and private clients do just that! We want you to get what you need in an economical and timely fashion.

Any possible genealogical investigation begins with an assessment of the known facts, and objectives, along with budget & time reporting limitations. All preliminary research assessments with GEN-FIND are conducted free of charge, and we guarantee a full review of your case details within 72 hours. Initially, we ask clients, to outline the following to us:

  • Identify known facts for us on the case including as much biographical detail on the search subject(s) as possible, including family hearsay, beliefs and copies of any relevant documents found to-date;
  • Determine an outline of your objectives;
  • Establish a desired maximum budget, if known; and
  • Provide us with an approximate time-period that you require the results.

Preliminary research assessments are very general and only provide the client and ourselves with a direction for the investigation and a general estimate of the costs that are likely to be incurred. Thus, our estimate(s) provided in the assessment and the time to fully complete it are just that – estimates. However, clients will be consulted intermittently during the investigation as to how things are going and the fees & expenses that are being accumulated. During any research case, we will never exceed a budget without prior consultation and approval with the client.