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Forensic/Estate Cases Testimonials
Forensic/Estate Cases

” Our firm has an entire roster filled with agents who conduct research work for us, however I must confess that I do not know any that have the knowledge and results that you bring to the field. …What amazing results you continually provide us with! “

Name withheld (Dundee, Scotland, UK)
Forensic/Estate Cases

” Thank you for completing the search of our immigrating heir on such little information! We knew he went to the US from Glasgow but that was it. We can now contact the heir and complete our probate process on this estate. “

Name withheld (Dundee, Scotland, UK)
Forensic/Estate Cases

” Repeatedly, you and your firm have provided the most excellent results in tracing the heirs and we commend you for your diligence in resolving what we knew would be a difficult case this time! “

Name withheld (London, England, UK)
Forensic/Estate Cases

” You did some wonderful searches for us and we are most pleased with the results. We will happy call upon your firm again with our next Canadian heir case. “

Name withheld (Sacramento, CA, USA)