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‘Genealogy Problem Solving: 4 Case Studies’ by Michael Hait
Source: FamilyTree. Subscribe to FamilyTree and read four enlightening case studies by Michael Hait on genealogical problem-solving.
‘Minnie’s Missing Mystery’ by Janette Silverman
Source: Ancestry ProGenealogists. An insightful case study by Janette Silverman for Ancestry ProGenalogists. The case study showcases family photos, letters, stories and expert research into Jewish family members from the US and France.
Citizenship By Descent
Citizenship By Descent— Are you wanting to obtain secondary citizenship from another country? Citizenship by Descent is no different than any other genealogical tracing interest. Citizenship by Descent is a means whereby an individual is eligible to claim citizenship...
Extraction of Canadian Civil Vital Records
Canada’s various Registrars of Vital Statistics, who have been granted authorization to record and deposit the official birth, marriage and death records for their respective regions, in the various provinces and territories of Canada vary from region to region...
Heraldry and Coats of Arms
By Brian W. Hutchison There has been some confusion by scholars on the origins of Heraldry. However, it is commonly thought that heraldry emerged in Western Europe in the 11 century to meet the necessity for military identification. It is...
Hidden Past Unearthed: A Case Study – The Long Deception of Blodwin ‘Winnifred’ Davis
By Brian W. Hutchison Unearthing ancestral skeletons may not always be a good thing! Genealogical researchers, particularly hired professionals, must take great care with releasing unearthed facts and clients, too, need to be prepared for the outcome of the...
Historic Territorial Evolutions within Canada
By Brian W. Hutchison Many of us around the world, Canadians included, have never really thought about the territorial changes that have affected us and its populace. Most of us have thought only of other countries, European ones in...
Lineage Society Membership Applications
Lineage Society Membership Applications— What is a lineage society? It is a group that has requirements to join based on your ancestry. To join, you will have an application to fill out, a membership fee to pay, and you...
Locality Research: Aboriginal Genealogy
Notes on Tracing Aboriginal Ancestry: In addition to the record collections noted for each of the provinces in this series on provincial/territorial record collection, you will find that aboriginal ancestry will require the use of other important, and primarily...